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I’m Back After Spiritual Maintenance

I’m Back After Spiritual Maintenance

It feels good to sit down and write to you. It’s been awhile since I last posted, I found myself drained, uninspired, and wanting to crawl into one of the books I was reading. I wanted to be alone. The kind of alone where you sit with you thoughts and are able to honor them like a passing fish in a stream. Sudden, seen, and admired.I like to think of my absence as spiritual maintenance, an image of me walking the mountain path to the temple of my Self. 

It was during my time away that I reexamined my relationship with my spirituality. Since moving to the city and changing jobs, I found myself disconnected to what I valued, I felt lost. I wasn’t depressed, rather frustrated with myself that I wasn’t able to find the answers I needed to heal. It turned out that I was the answer all along, I needed to do the work, I needed to be alone. 

There were days where I cried, got angry, and even felt nothing. It was all a journey, the deeper I went into my temple, the more alive I felt. During my “retreat” into my Self, I was able to acknowledge my shadows, strengthen my light, and discover new realms within my practice.

My journal became my safe space, my companion during my solitude. I brought it with my everywhere I went, It held my secrets, dreams, and the aspects of myself that were sacred. I was able to color and write my emotions and ideas on the page without judgement, releasing everything that was on my mind in a loving way. Throughout my day I would write. From a single word to a stream of consciousnesses, I welcomed the honesty.

I also pulled oracle cards every morning, asking my guides for their wisdom. With my daily mantra I would choose a crystal, mala, and an essential oil that aligned with that energy. It became a ritual, something that made me feel supported and listened to. Along with journaling and oracle readings, I found myself stepping onto my mat at least twice a day. I would stretch and meditate in the morning and flow in the afternoon. The variety of movement gave me another outlet to filter my emotions and thoughts through.

My healing process was a collection of daily habits, they all worked together to bring me back to my Self. Here are some more of my favorite routines:

  • Morning/Afternoon podcast during my walk to work.
  • Reading during breakfast and before bed.No social media in the morning or evening.
  • Saturday & Sunday herbal bath.
  • Filtering my emails to be solely inspirational and full of spiritual/self-care goodness.
  • Changing my route to work, I chose to walk on more tree lined streets and near parks.
  • Stretching before bed.
  • Savoring every cup of tea I made.
  • Taking an afternoon break at work to do a 20 min workout.

Below you will find some of the tools I used in the Temple of Self. You can use these in your own life to reawaken your passion, align your energy, and to find balance within your beautiful chaos.

Podcasts: Yoga Girl, Soul Feed, Let It Out, Light Work, The Flowerlounge, Truth & Dare, Highest Self

Essential Oils: Clear Mind by Little Moon

Oracle Decks: Spirit De Lune, Work Your Light, The Universe Has Your Back

Books: Body Kindness, Lunar Abundance, White Hot Truth

Psychic Protection Tea1 tsp Jasmine (psychic p…

Crystal Herbalism: Psychic Protection

Our bodies are a collection of light, water, earth, and breath. As spiritual beings our senses are sensitive to the world around us. Invoke an energy of protection when working with your crystals, meditating, practicing yoga, or even venturing outside. Not only do empaths, witches, yogis, psychics, and healers need energetic protection but also teachers, parents, doctors, and psychologists. In the end, everyone needs to be grounded and surrounded by loving light. 

Holistically Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Soul. 

  • Salt baths with floral notes and crystals are a perfect way to recharge the body and clear your energy.
  • Play a singing bowl before your day starts and/or at the end of the day to break up at stagnate energy and to uplift your vibration.
  • Place your bare feet into the earth. By walking on the grass, moss, and/or in water will recycle your energy and clear the body. 
  • Create a mantra that allows you to find inner peace and release stress, negative thoughts, and unwanted attachments. 
  • A positive mindset attracts magic. Work on affirmations and breathing techniques to keep your energy grounded. 

Psychic Protection Tea

  • 1 tsp Jasmine (psychic protection, lunar connection, lucid dreaming)
  • 1 tsp Spearmint (dream protection, mental focus, clearing)
  • ½ tsp Licorice Root ( strengthen mind, grounding, protection)
  • ½ tsp

    Lemon Grass (remove obstacles, ward of negativity, good luck)

Drink this before bed for lucid dreams and to ward off unwelcome energies. This tea allows you to get rid of past energies that no longer assist you.

High-Vibration Protective Crystals

  • Aquamarine: ocean energy, used during traveling for protection and peace, detoxes the energetic body of negative attachments. 
  • Smokey Quartz: like a shadow it cloaks the body with a smokey shield. 
  • Selenite: wards of darkness with its

    lunar light with angelic connection.

  • Rose Quartz: works with the heart chakra, illuminating your energy field with soft pink light that welcomes compassion and inner strength. 
  • Amethyst: this stone is perfect for protection in dreams and also to ward off spells and negative energy. Place by your bed to welcome peaceful sleep.  
  • Citrine: with solar light its purifies the bodies energy and sheds light onto any shadows that are not welcomed. 

Herbal Protection

  • Lavender: place in the bedroom
  • Chamomile: place around the foundation of your home 
  • Rose Petals: place on the door handles with small satchels
  • Jasmine: place in your home near living room 
  • Peppermint: place outside in garden 

Symbols of Protection

  • Seven Pointed Star: the foundation of magic, faerie protcetion
  • Triple Goddess: guidance from the maiden, mother, crone 
  • Hamsa: ward off the evil eye 
  • Eye of Horus: ancient protection
  • Triquetra (Triple Celtic Knot): known as the divine shield 
  • Pentagram: elemental protection 

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Crystal Herbalism – Chakra Living 

Crystal Herbalism – Chakra Living 

Awaken. Connect. Align.

Our chakras are the ecosystem of our wellbeing.  Physical, emotional, and spiritual, these balls of light and energy that make us who we are.

This program gives you the spiritual tools you need to let your wellbeing flourish.

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Awaken. Connect. Align. Our chakras are the e…

Awaken. Connect. Align.

Our chakras are the ecosystem of our wellbeing.  Physical, emotional, and spiritual, these balls of light and energy that make us who we are.

This program gives you the spiritual tools you need to let your wellbeing flourish.

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I Am Love. Rose quartz is a beacon of compassi…

I Am Love. Rose quartz is a beacon of compassion and radical self-love.
When I hold this stone I feel my heartbeat against its coolness. I become a part of it, a soulful connection.
Rose quartz is a pink hue of cosmic connection, a devotion of self.
Danburite is the a creation of divine light, an aura of the universe.
Faerie Amethyst is ancient, dreamy, and full of magical depth.

What would happen if you listened to your body…

What would happen if you listened to your body, every moment of everyday?

This is an important question to ask yourself, especially with the new year arriving. It’s not to say that you don’t already listen to your body but rather bringing an awareness to the fact that you can deepen your practice.

Our bodies are constantly shifting and evolving with each action we take and thought we create. Our emotions tend to be the driving force on how our bodies react to situations, entailing waves of ups, downs, and moments of calm. Like an ocean we ebb and flow, keeping track of any storms brewing within.

Listening to the body is an intuitive practice, and act of self-awareness. There is a magick to knowing when to tend to your self, an ancient vibe of nurturing. It’ our sixth sense, something that gives us a light to dive inward.

There is a beauty in knowing your body, an art of true honest devotion. When we think of our bodies as our home, temple, and sacred ground, we find ourselves pausing, kneeling to pray and listen. It is with that divine notion, that we awaken, we become rooted in the fluidity of what our body needs.

Listening to the body can be described as either spiritual or primal, but at the end of the day its always individual.

With the growth that we are constantly manifesting, there is rest that must follow. And with that acknowledgment we grasp to the needed selfishness. Courage is the core to self-care, it take a strong person to have a heart-to-heart with themselves. Because when you take the time to observe your emotions you obtain the truth.

Latest #blog post on uplifting our sisters 💖 …

Latest #blog post on uplifting our sisters 💖 Words are spells and are powerful!
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We are at the ACS Market today. If you are her…

We are at the ACS Market today. If you are here, come check us out 👍🏼 ________________________________
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crystalherbalism: Cold Full Moon Alter Tonight…


Cold Full Moon Alter

Tonight the full moon illuminates the starry sky, shedding light onto our shadows. This cosmic wonder is a beacon of winter enlightenment, a revelation that we must being hibernation. It is time for us to tend to the self, psychically and spiritually. From herbal baths to reading a book wrapped in a cozy blanket, self-care becomes our core. I created this alter above based on cards that I dream during a meditation and crystals that resonated with the cosmos.


  • Rose Quartz: unconditional love, comfort, healing
  • Aquamarine: reflect, expression of truth, intuitive flow
  • Selenite: clarity, divine devotion, cleansing, 
  • Black Moonstone: crone energy, shadow self, dream-state

Lunar Phase Reading:

  • Crone Moon: seek wisdom through goddess connection
  • Waxing Gibbous: put manifestation into motion
  • Waning Gibbous: surrender to the flow of your emotions

Oracle Cards:

Ten of Pentacles: prosperity, abundance, courage

Sacral: fire within, confidence, self-realization

Tonight’s Energy:

  • Cold Moon: Embrace radical self-care! Hygge is this moons focus, to nurture the soul through rest and cozy compassion.