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Happy Equinox!!!

I hope you all have had a wonderful spring equinox or Ostara, whatever you celebrate! 🌸🐣🌱

Spend some time thinking about balance; how you spend your time and energy, the give and take dynamics of your relationships, how much energy you’re putting out into the world versus how much you’re absorbing, even which things are taking up too much brain space and which things aren’t taking up enough! The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy the full moon’s energy. Enjoy the warming temperatures. Enjoy the shifting of seasons and the opportunities to make changes. Meditate. Visualise.


Shameless self-promo here but I’m trying to be more active on Insta and would love to connect with you guys outside of just Tumblr! I post some of the same stuff on both of these accounts but usually I get more personal in my captions on Instagram.


Shuffled my deck and split it, taking the top and bottom cards from each section. This was the result. Ya girl is feeling strong and hopeful. 💪


Been spending some quality time with my deck lately. Not asking anything, just letting it show me what it wants. Just chilling.


A reading I did a while ago. Was a little murky but that’s probably a reflection of my state of mind. Gave my deck a good cleanse after this and my readings have been much clearer!



Crystal Herbalism – International Women’s Day …

Crystal Herbalism – International Women’s Day 

The future is female. The future is five minutes from now, a moment from now, the future is already happening. Every second of every day girls and women are dreaming, creating, and manifesting change. 

As women, we must raise each other up, shed light on each others visions. 

Women working together is magic. 

As women, we must bow our heads to those who came before us, the witches, the warriors, the mothers, the activists, the artists, the healers. We must use their sacrifices as our armour, amulets of courage.

As women, we must teach girls to love themselves, to look in the mirror and not see parts but a whole spirit. 

As women, we must reclaim our wellbeing, we are worthy. 


My mom has people over and they’re talking about tarot SOS.

I’m a little buzzed and don’t want to say too much. 😅

Crystal Herbalism – Amethyst with Citrine Vein…

Crystal Herbalism Amethyst with Citrine Veins

Into The Lavender Field – sunshine among the flowers.

This self standing piece is one of the highest vibration stones to evoke spiritual growth. This stone is unique with citrine veins that run along the amethyst, due to the natural heating in the cave it was grown in.

Amethyst & Citrine:

  • Flow of Divine Feminine energy to move down throughout chakra system
  • Solar Plexus, Third Eye, & Crown Chakra activation
  • Enhances lucid dreaming
  • Deepens your intuition, dream travel, faerie magick
  • Manifesting creativity
  • Psychic visions with clarity
  • Enlightenment
  • Amplifies meditation space
  • Ignites confidence and self love
  • Protection

You Can BUY This Crystal HERE


My Imbolc ritual last night was very enlightening! Did a tarot reading and meditation and a small offering. Excited to make some changes. Got lots to think about.