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Crystal Herbalism – Aquamarine Sphere 

Crystal Herbalism – Aquamarine Sphere 

An ocean lives within its aqua hues. As I hold it, I can feel the ebb and flow of its energy. Peaceful, it lulls me into watery daydream. 

I remember this stone calling to me, a siren that comforted my anxious spirit. . Like the sea, it provides clarity, a space to sit and breathe. It gives me the courage to heal myself, to listen. 

I watch the waves within its crystallized temple, finding answers in the depths of my reflection. 

Aquamarine works with the throat chakra, providing fluid expression. The throat is where the truth flourishes. a sacred space of earth roots and cosmic wonder, our voice the passage between worlds. 

The herbs it best connects with is chamomile for its watery solar energy and rose petals for divine love. 

Self-Love and Spiritual Compassion are devot…

Self-Love and Spiritual Compassion are devotions of courage. When we embody our true selves, we become truth. 

Rose Quartz: heart centered, radical love, goddess, healing. This crystals is a great way to comfort the emotional body. It also bring light into the dark spaces of our energy field and mind. This mala is a creation of enlightenment, divinity, and trust. Rose Quartz is the energy of sacred and honest love. 

Deigned by me. Created by Bliss Malas on Etsy.

Please …don’t do it. Selenite will disintegrate in water….

Please …don’t do it. Selenite will disintegrate in water. Take care of the crystal babies 🙃
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