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Crystal Herbalism – I AM A WITCH I have been …

Crystal Herbalism – I AM A WITCH

I have been called a witch ever since I was a little girl. It was a way of people labeling me for my extrinsic beliefs and personality. I never was insulted by it because I found a sense of magic in knowing I was different.

The Beginning 

Growing up I never felt a part of something, in regards to the spiritual community. There were always too many labels and groups that didn’t fully align with what I believed in. I never had a church to attend or a “bible” to read, instead I found myself collecting parts of cultures and religions that vibed with my soul.

I created my own sense of spirituality through nature, Buddhist verses, and fairytales. I spent my days in the library, reading about Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, Paganism, and Druidism. Like a vision board, I cut and pasted what resonated with me and that became my devotion.

Throughout my life I have met an array of people who have inspired me, from a Medicine Woman to a Gypsy, collecting their wisdom along the way. As I’ve gotten older I have grown into my beliefs, no longer seeking an institution rather knowledge. Books have continued to be my bible, like a gardener I harvest what ignites my being.

All Things Magic

With a collage of spiritual insight, I have never felt the need to define myself. But when I read the book Witch by Lisa Lister, I felt an awakening to do just that. After years of research and practice, I declared myself as only spiritual, because I wasn’t fully a Buddhist, Wicca, Pagan, or Druid, they had certain systems that I didn’t agree with. But as I laid out all my beliefs I found that magic flowed through them. Everything was rooted in goddess and nature energy, from praying to the feminist Buddha Tara to moon magick, I was living a witchy life. 

Witch. that word sparked something within me. Each time I said it out loud to myself, I felt my body rise with pride. I’ve always had a fascination with witchcraft but I ever took the step to declare myself as one, I felt like it was such a ancient practice that I didn’t know if I belonged. When I learned about the witch trials in grade school and I went home thinking, no wonder I cant have anything close to my neck, I was hung like them.

My child mind felt a deep connection with the witches that I studied in class. I remember walking home from school and pointing my index finger at the trees, imagining that I controlled the wind. It may have been the years of intense bulling that I endured, but I found a sense of power and solitude in all things magic.

Trust Reigns

The other night I called my father before I went to bed and he told me, “I always knew you were a witch. Ever since you were little you had powers.”

I’ve been blessed with a family that honored by witchiness. Any vision or dream I had, my parents would take them seriously, whether it was taking a different route to school or locking the back door, they respected my intuitive gifts. I never felt ashamed or embarrassed that I felt or saw things differently. 

There have been countless times where my visions and intuition have saved my life and others. It is a part of myself that I cant imagine living without.In many ways my parents nurtured that side of me, allowing that sixth sense to grow and strength with me. To this day my parents still honor my visions. somethings they even ask me for intuitive advice.


I am at a point in my life where I feel unconditionally empowered and loved. I am grounded, abundant with knowledge, and secure with myself. I have waded through depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and bulling, to become the woman I am today. If it wasn’t for the darkness of my past, I wouldn’t be shining this bright.

Even as a four year old girl buying her first Buddha, I knew that magic resided within me. I just wasn’t ready to master it. So, over the years I continued to feed that alchemy with a spiritual practice of crystals, meditation, yoga, spells, grids, goddess mythology, prayer, herbalism, sound medicine, and astrology.

I have spent years learning the depth and feminine roots to that word, WITCH. I bow my head to the witchy women before me, listening to their kind whispers, Rise Sister.

I reclaim witchcraft as my path, understanding that it has been with me all along.

Crystal Herbalism – Crystal Healer  Blue Labr…

Crystal Herbalism – Crystal Healer 

Blue Labradorite: guidance, imaginative, manifesting. Bringing clarity to your visions and dreams, this stone is your cosmic map for the spiritual realm. This numinous stone is connected to Arianrhod, the Welsh Goddess of the moon & stars.  



Which filter makes me look less #momlife #tire…

Which filter makes me look less #momlife #tired? Lol.
But yasssss….going LIVE tomorrow to answer some buuuuurning crystal questions. Let me know what you got. 😘😘😘
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This is a mood. Don’t forget to schedule time …

This is a mood. Don’t forget to schedule time for that self-care and self love. 😌
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Crystal Herbalism – Green Tara Statue Tara&rs…

Crystal Herbalism Green Tara Statue

Tara’s name means star. A goddess of compassion, inner strength, and healing. Her presence is a reminder to be mindful, to love without fear, and to embrace your inner starlight. Tara is a kind soul who wants to provide those who worship her with loving energy and help them manifest their goals through confidence. She is a Buddhist Feminist, a leader to women, a reminder to stay true to yourself and never give up on what makes you happy.

  • Remover of Obstacles
  • Compassion
  • Inner Strength
  • Manifestation
  • Meditation
  • Self-Love

Skillfully crafted, this copper toned and traditional colored brass statue stands on carved platform.

  • Measures approximately 12 inches high, 4 inches wide 
  • Weighs 3.5lb
  • Made in India 

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Heart Chakra Bath:

Crystal Herbalism Heart Chakra Bath 

A bath is an oracle, as we soak in the sacred waters emotions, thoughts, and visions rise to the surface. 

Like a poetic spell, we become bewitched in the comfort of the water. Blanketed in the fluid element that makes up so much of our body. Taking a bath is a spiritual practice, a ritual where you can tap into your energy. From placing crystals in the water to alter the vibration to creating an elixir of essential oils to drop in. to honor the temple of your being, you can create an alter within the space, lighting candles that connect to your soulful presence.

Every Sunday I take a heart chakra bath. I love to use crystals and oils that activate and expand my heart space, healing and strengthening me for the week ahead. Whether you’re an empath, witch, or yogi, it’s important to care for your spiritual self. To release any energy that you’ve picked up during the week. A bath is an energetic and mental detox, creating a space for you to reconnect and realign.

Honor your divinity by soaking int he oracle waters, find peace in knowing that you can create your own sanctuary.

The heart chakra is the center to your being the pathway between your lower and upper chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar, HEART, Throat, Third Eye, Crown. By cleansing your heart, you are able to find more emotional balance and clarity. I like to think of the heart as the place where the soul resides. When someone asks for you, you tend to point towards the center of your chest in response, “Who Me?”

Heart Chakra Bath:

Crystals; Rose Quartz & Green Fluorite
Essential Oils: 3 drops Rose, 3 drops Lavender, 2 drops Geranium
Candle: Lavender Vanilla (or anything floral – flowers bloom like the heart chakra)
Cleanser: Joco Botanicals Heart Chakra Soap

Got these very unique looking flower gemstone …

Got these very unique looking flower gemstone beads 😍
I smell more #malanecklace coming our way 😉

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Crystal Herbalism – Pastel Green Fluorite

Crystal Herbalism – Pastel Green Fluorite

A gentle earth energy, stimulates creativity and opens portals to consciousness. This beauty raises your vibration, allows you to communicate with faeries, and strengthens lucid dreaming.

  • Green Tara Energy
  • Forest Faerie Energy
  • Connect with nature spirits
  • Deepen your meditation practice 

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In a forest of iron and glass, nature always p…

In a forest of iron and glass, nature always prevails. 

Green Fluorite: A gentle grounding energy, stimulates creativity and opens portals to consciousness. This beauty raises your vibration, allows you to communicate with faeries, and strengthens lucid dreaming. 

  • Green Tara Energy
  • Forest Faerie Energy
  • Connect with nature spirits
  • Deepen your mediation practice

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