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Crystal Herbalism Etsy Shop –  Fairy Quartz G…

Crystal Herbalism Etsy Shop – 

Fairy Quartz Geode

Deep within the woods, past the river that bends its spine across mossy stones, through the scattered blushing hues of pink daisies- lives the woodland sprites. Their beings embody the soul of the forest, roots buried deep. The whispers of their songs vibrate against the poetic tree bark. Crystallized eyes laces in the inky shadows of night, the Woodland Sprites protect the elder woods.

The Woodland Sprites are fairy elementals who live among the forest and protect the nature sprites and energies that inhabit them. Sprite derives from the Latin term ‘spiritus’ meaning soul. Woodland Sprites represent dream work, past life regression, deep mediation, and manifestation. Connect with these ancient beings with this fairy quartz geode.

Fairy Quartz Geode is a cosmic oasis. A divine creation that is a balanced blend of angelic and faerie energy. A portal to the faerie dream realm, fairy quartz raises consciousness, balances your chakras, enhances dream recall, and provides psychic protection.

  • 5in x 5in 
  • (3in deep)
  • Stands on its own! 

Purchase This Crystal HERE 

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Giveaway 10/13 – 10/16

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2. Favorite ETSY Shops: CrystalHerbalism & TrendySnake

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Giveaway Includes: Handmade Triple Goddess Pendant + Moonstone Tumbled Stone

The pendant is handcrafted by the Esty shop: Trendy Snake! Vykas is an amazing craftsmen and this piece is made with loving intentions. I bought the Tara Yantra pendant from him (will post about that beauty soon). 

Pendant Material: Solid Sycamore Wood, Hemp Cord, Wood Paint, Wood Varnish.
Pendant Weight: 5g
Pendant Size: 35mm x 35mm
Pendant Thickness Approx: 5mm
Pendant Cord Size: Adjustable (you can adjust cord according to your taste).
Condition: Handmade
Feature: Eco-Friendly 



Elestial Amethyst:

Lilac Daydreams- one of the highest vibration stones to evoke spiritual growth. Elestial stones are a unique kind of crystal due to their layering and sprouting formation.They are connected with the elite spiritual realms and the beings there.

Elestial Amethyst:

  • Flow of Divine Feminine energy to move down throughout chakra system 
  • Third Eye & Crown Chakra activation
  • Enhances lucid dreaming 
  • Deepens your intuition, dream travel, faerie magick 
  • Manifesting creativity
  • Psychic visions with clarity
  • Enlightenment with Tara energy
  • Pairs with Lavender and Rose Petals.

Elestial/Cathedral Growth

Size: 6 ½" x 4" x 3"

Weight: 3 lbs. 4 oz

Working on another fun piece. Yes, #amethyst m…

Working on another fun piece. Yes, #amethyst mood all the way lately.
Anyone watching #americanhorrorstory ?? I’m watching while working. Would love to hear your thoughts 🤔

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Visit the Crystal Herbalism Shop on Etsy! All …

Visit the Crystal Herbalism Shop on Etsy! All these beauties are ready for homes! HERE 

Crystal Herbalism – Water Goddess Stone An oc…

Crystal Herbalism – Water Goddess Stone

An ocean lives within its aqua hues. As I hold it, I can feel the ebb and flow of its energy. Peaceful, it lulls me into watery daydream. 

Emotional clarity occurs when we take the time to listen, to feel what wants to be felt. Depths of our ocean, we dive deeper. Fluid, burst open, we flow. Dive deep, embrace your waves, and honor the feelings that begins to rise to the surface.

With dreamy colors of blue, green, and creamy white, this ocean gem is a ancient talisman of courage, peace, and deep healing. Watery energy, ocean jasper is a calming stone that works closely with the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakra. Like the oceans tides, this stone is reflective, cleansing, and empowering. 

  • Nurturing
  • Protection
  • Spiritual Wisdom
  • Lunar Energy: New & Full Moon
  • Mermaid & Water Nymph Connection

This blue ocean jasper stone was bought from ZingaraEnchantments on Etsy, a crystal shop that is abundant in divine treasures.

Summoning All Mystics!

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Amethyst macramé necklace available in my Etsy shop 

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