My Yule altar!



This was pretty much my first sabbat in like… almost a year. I think I did something for Lammas or Mabon but no real ritual. Since I finally had/made the time for a full ritual, here’s my altar for Yule, from front to back:

Black/white candle for the God/Goddess.

Tall white candleholders holding candles to bring light into the new year on the darkest day.

Center candle: Yule themed votive I got as part of a subscription box.

Three center candles: the Maiden, Mother, and Crone

Copper offering bowl with water, rosemary/pine sprigs, red candle, cauldron with frankincense incense for the four elements.

Black tourmaline for protection (between the votive and the front incense and center of the altar)

An altar cloth (actually just a patch) from Poison Apple Print Shop!

Crystals: fool’s gold, emerald, banded agate, and bloodstone. I seriously forget the actual name for fool’s gold but it wanted to be on my altar!

Towards the bottom: two pinecones, a pentacle, labradorate heart, some rose quartz, my actual cauldron on an agate slice, mortar and pestle, and (ginger) ale as an offering.

I tend to put my display stuff on a ledge to invite the elements and the God & Goddess, then use my working stuff on another altar cloth on the bottom. I haven’t had a standing altar/shrine since I moved over a year ago and I definitely need to bring it back.

Books and other supplies are off to the side, and I put up that random framed print thing to hide all the crap in the storage unit.