Wheel of the Year



General Information

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The pagan year begins with Samhain on October 31 and ends with the sundown on October 30. Each holiday is also called sabbat. They are celebrated to honor a given time of the year.


Also known as All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween.

Time: October 31 (start of the pagan new year).

Colors: orange, brown, black, gold, white, silver.


Time: Winter Solstice. December 21.

Colors: green, red, gold, silver, white.


Also known as Candlemas, Brighid’s Day/

Time: around February 2.

Colors: white, pink, yellow, red.

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Also known as Eostre (‘ehs-truh’)  – Goddess of Spring.

Time: Spring Equinox. March 20 (or 21).

Colors: light greens and blues, yellow and pink.


Also known as Roodmas, Walpurgisnacht, May Day.

Time: May 1.

Colors: green, blue, pink, white, yellow, purple.


Also known as Midsummer Night’s Eve.

Time: Summer Solstice. (Approx.) June 21.

Colors: Pale Yellow, Green, Gold, White


Also known as Lughnasadh.

Time: August 1 through August 2 (first harvest of the year).

Colors: Yellow, Brown, Orange, Green, Gold.


Also known as Alban Elfed, Mean Fomhair.

Time: Autumn Equinox, around September 21.

Colors: Red, brown, orange, gold.

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