A Yule Ritual


Spell originally by Cassandra Eason.

What you need:

  • 12 white candles or tea candles (in a circle)
  • A red candle in the center
  • Festiveness around the candles (greenery, baubles, etc.)

Timing: Between December 21-23 in Northern Hemisphere; June 21-23 in the Southern Hemisphere (Yule’s timing)

1.) Light the red candle and from it the circle of candles. Say “I walk into the darkness without fear at the turning of the year, knowing the light will return. Candles no more burn.”

2.) Extinguish the candle circle so only the central candle flame remains. Say “ Let the old sun die, carrying away what must go, the illusions, the excuses, the inertia, and open the door to a new tomorrow.”

3.)After a few minutes relight each candle in the circle, clockwise from the red candle, saying “ The sun is reborn and light returns to the world. The dark times are ended.”

4.) Let the candles burn and use the decorations around the home (keep an eye on the candles so you don’t burn down the house 😀 )