🌳🍎Apple Magic🍎🌳

🍏 Apples are one of the most symbolic fruits in magic, and correspond with:

Fertility, Fidelity, Love, Femininity, Afterlife, and immortality.

🍎 Apple blossoms are good for love spells (and even good in tea)

🍏 Apple seeds are good for protection spells

🍎Apples make wonderful offerings to fae folk and deities

🍏 Splitting an apple with a S/O is said to grant fidelity

🍎Cutting an apple width wise reveals a 5 pointed star. Great for garlands, ornaments, and altar decor.

🍏 Apples can be a base of many potions. Such as Apple Juice, Apple Cider, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Apple Tea.

🍎 Apples also have endless culinary uses such as pies, muffins, breads, cakes, scones, oat meal, chips, caramel apples, pancakes or apple sauce.

🍏 You can make a pulp out of them for face masks and scrubs.

🍎 Add a pump of apple syrup to caramel lattes or chais at your local coffee shop.

🍏 Use apple wood for love and fae work wands.

Feel free to add more if you have them ✨