Witchcraft 👏 Needs 👏 A 👏 LOT 👏 Of 👏 Research👏

🔮What are our topics of research?

-History 🗿

-Culture 🌏

-Logic 📖

-Laws of Physics 🎢

-Botany 🍃

-Geology ⛰

-Psychology 🗣

-Astronomy 🌌

-Culinary Arts 🍲

-Meteorology 🌧



-Information Technology 💻


So don’t you dare tell us that we’re not based on facts. That the craft is anything but logical.

Some of us stay up at 4 am thinking about the laws of Logic and Physics that coincide with meteorology, astronomy, and Medicine. (Me.)

Don’t. You. Dare.

So everyone starting out, everyone doing it for years, everyone who’s testing the waters:

You’re doing great, sweetie~! ❤❤