I was carrying amethyst in my pocket in order …

I was carrying amethyst in my pocket in order to help me with a big decision I was trying to make but I realized I lost it. I don’t know what this means and would love if you can help me out with the meaning of this.

Great Question! First off, I know how it feels to loose a crystal but everything will work out.

When a crystal disappears and then reappears: The crystal needed some space. It was releasing so much of its energy to you that it needed time to recharge and for you to absorb what it has given to you. This sometimes happens to crystal that we depend so much on. It’s important to clear the crystals every night with selenite, smudging, water, or earth placement.   

When a crystal leaves you and doesn’t return: Our crystals are teachers, they come into our lives to provide us with lessons. When they are done teaching us it leaves us with an abundance of teachings. It’s important to honor the crystal by letting go of it physical/tangible being and find its presence in the energy it provided you. Take a moment to acknowledge what the stone brought to you and with that mindfulness you can evolve with a new crystal.