Guess That Mineral (Test Run)

Guess That Mineral (Test Run)

Hey everyone! 

It’s Game Time! 

There will be NO Prize awarded for this round of Guess That Mineral

These are merely test runs. 

I expect someone to get this one fairly quick but we shall see. There are two minerals on this Matrix and I am looking for the names of both. Both names must be answered together. You may guess as many times as you like. First Correct Answer wins and the game will end!  If you have any questions or suggestions for this game that we can add in the future, Feel free to message us!

Good luck and Thanks for playing! 

Round End!

Correct Answer was Topaz & Quartz guessed by @nrwynter

Thanks for playing! I have a few more waiting to go up so everyone will get a chance to play. They’ll get harder as well so good luck! 🙂