Crystal Herbalism – Reclaim Your Bliss Tea Th…

Crystal Herbalism – Reclaim Your Bliss Tea

There is a magic to knowing when to tend to the Self, an ancient vibe to nurture. It’s with that intuitive tide that our need to care for our bodies becomes a priority. Loving ourselves is a cycle of reflection, acceptance, and growth. It’s a divine notion that our bodies are creations of earth, a personal ecosystem. Bones, blood, breath, water. Roses blush, the breeze crisp. We inhale the organic world around us. This floral tea gives you the time to honor yourself. To feel, to embrace your body as a sacred space. A divine temple of self.

  • Chamomile: cleansing, protection, and wards off negativity. This golden herbs also relaxes the nervous system, calms mind, eases headaches and insomnia.
  • Pink Rose Petals: awakens courage, blooms empowerment, grounds gratitude, peace, and self-love. Rose Petals in tea can help nourish the skin and boost the immune system.
  • Lavender: a soft shade of purple the embodies feminine compassion, activates the crown & third eye chakra, and strengthens the intuitive soul. Lavender is known to ease stress, reduce inflammation, promotes a restful sleep, and improves the mood.

*I have used this tea blend to heal menstrual cramps and ease stress.