The older I get, the simpler my rituals have become. I used to practically turn the house upside down. I would turn the entire dining room into a purified temple. Then, I started practicing in front of the hearth. I would construct altars there. Now, I just work from the altar on my dresser in my bedroom. I pour the wine, ring the bell, and that’s it. And all three have been equally satisfying.


Timing Magick With The Moon

A good rule of thumb is for white magick, try to perform it while the moon is waxing (increasing in light from new to full) as close to the full moon as possible

For black magic, try to perform it while the moon is waning (decreasing in light from full to new)

The waning moon is also good for things like losing weight, ending things like bad habits, banishing spells.

But, no one ever seems to go beyond this.

Timing your magic with the moon in a specific zodiac sign can help (or hinder) quite a lot & this is something i dont see a lot of people doing.

Aries: This is a good time for enciting conflicts, high energy, war, knives, weapons, guns, quick but long-lasting results, me, mine, metals, daring, risk taking, independance and inciting accidents. Projects begun at this time tend to begin with a lot of energy but never get finished.

Do not have surgery on the head or face at this time. Magick ruled by Mars has better outcomes at this time.

Taurus: Money, finances, possessions, material things, greed, permanence, earth, sensuality, wealth, things that increase in value, slow but lasting results, time delays, loans.

Do not have surgery on the neck or throat at this time. Magick ruled by Earth and Venus have better outcomes

Gemini: Communication, short distance travel, thievery, trickery, relatives, siblings, neighbours, computers. Projects begun during this time tend to change.

Do not have surgery on the shoulders, arms, hands, or nerves during this time. Magick ruled by Mercury has better results during this time. Not a good sign for black magic

Cancer: Anything to do with the home, family, food, nurturing, the mother, women in general. Things tend to last. Love spells, weather spells, altar consecration, blessing the home, mediumship, psychic endeavours, inciting over emotionalism, buying land, purchasing real-estate. People in relationships who break-up tend to reunite.

Do not have surgery on the stomach at this time. Magick ruled by the moon has better results

Leo: Children, creativity, love spells, romance, success in gambling, winning, personal charisma, men in general, the father, hobbies, speculation, risk taking, investments, stocks and bonds, authority or gaining authority. Projects begun tend to last

Do not have surgery on the heart, spine, or back during this time. Magick ruled by the Sun has better results

Virgo: Health, sickness, things that require presicion and perfection, hygiene, nutrition, herbs, vitamins, armed forces, clothing, the work place, co-workers, white magick and healing for others, service to others, things that involve details, hospitals, healing, the medical profession, attention to detail.

Do not have surgery on the intestines, anus, or digestive system at this time. Magick ruled by Mercury is effective during this time, but not as much as Gemini

Libra: Good time to form love relationships, marriages, partnerships of all types or spells to incite these. Peace, diplomacy, negotiation, legal matters, workings with two people, contracts, getting people to do what you want easily and peacefully.

Do not have surgery on the kidneys or lower back during this time. Best sign for love spells

Scorpio: Revenge, hatred, venting, exposing secrets, death spells, surgery, transformation, obsession, pure sex, the occult, the darker side of things, extremes, research, banishing spells, ending things permanently, death and dying. Secrets, willpower, drastic destruction. Scorpio is usually permanent. It is the most powerful and intense moon sign.

Do not have surgery on the pelvis or sex organs at this time. Magick ruled by pluto has better results

Sagittarius: Religion, university, travel, higjer education, gambling, good luck, cerimonal magick, best for white magick, publishing, sports, outdoors, law, pulling off something big.

Do not have surgery on the hips or thighs during this time. Magick ruled by Jupiter has better results.

Capricorn: Another good sign for black magick. Depression, ruthlessness, using people viciously, long-term results, honours, social standing, responsibility, authority, structure, setting long-term goals and plans for the future. Not a good time to seek favors from those in authority. Banishing, manipulating people, business.

Do not have surgery on the knees, bones/skeletal system, or teeth at this time. Magick ruled by Saturn has better results

Aquarius: Friends, groups, platonic relationships, society, electricity, workings in a coven, computers, technology, individuality, originality, freedom, independence, humanity, anarchy, the unexpected, genius, revelation, goals and ideals, shocking people. Best sign for independance and breaking from restrictive situations.

Do not have surgery on the calves or ankles during this time. Workings ruled by Uranus has better results

Pisces: Poison, drugs, self-undoing, deception, sorrow, isloation, insanity, success in meditation and all psychic pursuits, spells to decieve people, secrets, swindles, vulnerability, secret enemies, altered states. Psychic healing.

One of the best signs for endings especially when the moon is 20-30 degrees in the sign. Do not have surgery on the feet at this time.



A little WIP for a wall hanging I’m working on! I’ll have things like this with pentagrams and runes in the shop for the Grand Opening 😊


Witch tips from a witch who has practiced for many years; here are some of my traditional beliefs as well as things I picked up along the way. 💫

🔮 When foraging, do not forget to thank for what you took. Thanks the gods, the fae, the earth, or whomever you worship, but do not just take.

🌙 Wear beautiful clothes when performing a ritual. Before I get into saying anything else I want to say – There is NO PRICE VALUE which makes the ritual clothes beautiful. They do not have to be expensive, or a certain brand, or from a certain place, or anything of the sort. Just make sure that they are well taken care of and that you think they are beautiful.

🔮 People will rarely understand you, and most do not actually even want to. But the trees. The plants. Animals of the earth. Rivers, still and moving water. The stars and the moon. They understand, they will listen, and if you listen, too, you will hear what you need to and be validated and understood. People alive thousands of years before you have been sharing the same heartbreak, pain, suffering, and struggle with the universe. It understands. It has heard before, and will listen again.

🌙 When trying to meditate, you are not actually doing anything wrong by being unable to “clear your mind.” The goal is not actually to have a blank mind, but an open and receptive one. If a thought pops in suddenly, acknowledge it, dismiss it, and move on. It doesn’t mean you’re not focused or doing it wrong.

🔮 Another note about meditation; there is no shame in needing herbs to achieve meditation. There is nothing wrong with you. Some people just need the extra help, and that is okay! It is also a traditional part of many practices to smoke, ingest, or otherwise consume herbs before a ritual/meditation/journey/etc. This pertains to herbs such a kava, sage, wormwood, mugwort, and cannabis. (Do not use unless you ask a doctor, know it’s safe, and so on.)

🌙 Wisdom is the combination of emotion and logic. To make a wise decision, validate the emotion and why it is being felt, look at the logic and the facts, and combine the information for the answer.

🔮 Do not be discouraged that you cannot find witches (or Wiccans, Pagans, Druids, etc) where you live. We are here. We are all over the world. It is just unsafe in some places to practice openly. But if you look for us, you will find us.

🌙 Intent is the most powerful ingredient you have.

🔮 There are hundreds (if not thousands) or ways to create a sigil, and you can make a sigil hundreds of different ways. This also goes for charging and activating sigils.

🌙 You can practice both black and white magick at the same time.

🔮 Bullying other witches is never a good idea. Obviously, bullying anyone is never a good idea and you shouldn’t, but in my years I have seen over and over again it happen when one witch attacks another and then that witch comes down with horrible luck. That is not just because they were cursed by people who support the witch who was being bullied (which is also a huge risk, and causes a lot of issues and conflict) but the universe knows when a witch attacks another witch, and it doesn’t like that. (This does not include calling someone out in an appropriate way for unacceptable behavior and so on. But when you do it about differing opinions….)

🌙 Never stop researching. You will never know everything.

🔮 Deciding that you want to start to practicing witchcraft does NOT mean you have do denounce any previous beliefs. 

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  • December 2nd: Pheonicid meteor shower; Jupiter enters Capricorn
  • December 3rd: First Quarter Moon in Pisces

  • December

    4th: The Moon at apogee

  • December

    6th: December φ-Cassiopeid meteor shower

  • December

    7th: Puppid-Velid meteor shower

  • December 8th: Jupiter square Chiron

  • December

    9th: Monocerotid meteor shower; Mercury enters Sagittarius

  • December

    10th: The Moon at aphelion; Conjunction of Venus and Saturn

  • December

    11th: Close approach of Venus and Saturn; Full Moon in Gemini

  • December

    12th: σ-Hydrid meteor shower; Chiron Direct

  • December

    13th: Conjunction of Venus and Pluto

  • December

    14th: Geminid meteor shower; Saturn quintile Chiron

  • December 15th: Jupiter trine Uranus

  • December

    16th: Comae Berenicid meteor shower

  • December

    18th: The Moon at perigee; Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

  • December

    20th: Leonis Minorid meteor shower; Venus enters Aquarius; Jupiter quintile Neptune

  • December

    21st: Winter solstice; Sun enters Capricorn

  • December

    22nd: Conjunction of the Moon and Mars; Close approach of the Moon and Mars

  • December

    23rd: Ursid meteor shower

  • December

    25th: New Moon in Capricorn; Annular solar eclipse in Capricorn

  • December

    26th: The Moon at perihelion

  • December

    27th: Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn; Jupiter at solar conjunction

  • December

    28th: Conjunction of the Moon and Venus; Close approach of the Moon and Venus; Mercury enters Capricorn

  • December

    29th: Mercury at aphelion


full moon in gemini [december 12th]
good for: communication, public relations, change of residence, writing

new moon in capricorn [december 26th]
good for: career, political matters, ambition, determination, organization, recognition, control